“I was extremely happy with the knowledge and persistence you showed while dealing with a very tough adversary. (My former employer) is a determined opponent with unlimited resources to pursue their agenda…. Finding you, Debra, to try my case was a blessing. Your legal acumen, while maintaining a calm disposition but with a pit bull-like determination, was a joy to be part of. You were always available to answer my questions and never made me feel that my case was secondary to any of your other workload. … I thought...

David D. 2014

“I am writing this letter to formally thank you (Debra Freid) for representing Bonita and me with your straightforward tact and sympathetic understanding. ..We felt 100% comfortable working with you, knowing that you wanted justice for my son… We know that we made it thru the legal procedures of this horrific heartbreak killing…because of your deft skill, warm style and experienced perspective. You organized a professional terrific team of attorneys [Buck and Cynthia]….[we] are forever thankful for all of your love, effort, expertise, poise, kindness, patience and knowledge of the...

J. Hall 2014

“Counselor Freid—I just realized that I never officially thanked you for all the work you did to help me put the case with my employer behind me. I have no more worries about the place anymore and it is wonderful. Thank you once again and I plan to let people who need legal assistance know about your firm.”

-Patrick S. 2007

“Particularly helpful was the fact that you [Debra Freid] were always available. If you were tied up in a meeting or court, you always got back to me. …. I consider you a friend because of your honesty and duty to serve your clients. I will continue to direct any of my contacts to you for legal advice.”

-B. Booker 2014

“I was so pleased with the whole staff experience. Everyone was so wonderful, empathetic and courteous. Debra (Freid) was compassionate and really listened to my concerns and questions. For the bad experience I was going through, Debra made it bearable and approachable. I will recommend this office to anyone..”

Rebecca L. 2014

“I felt you (Debra Freid) handled my case with professionalism and care… I was definitely impressed.”

Pamela K., 2014

“What was most helpful to me was your straightforward approach to my case. I knew right where I stood at all times. The case was not taken without some investigation on your part and that, made me comfortable. I did not think, I had called ‘Sam.’ With your advice, I felt I was able to make decisions with the best interest for me and my family. I think of you often and I am so thankful that I was able to work with you. On several occasions, I had the...

Cliff C. 2014

“[Debra Freid’s] professionalism was truly impressive and made the defendants’ attorneys look like newbies. [Ms. Freid’s staff] also took the time to explain the process… Thank you again!”

Ryan R. 2014

“In my opinion, you were brilliant! You were always prepared and thorough. During the depositions, you were prepared, thorough, organized, professional, tough­-minded, very direct and appropriately intimidating. It was impressive. During the pre-conference settlement hearing…I was very impressed with how you took charge of the proceedings and quickly moved the other side to a reasonable conclusion. You… kept me well­-informed about the progress of my case. I also felt that you cared about me as not just a client, but as a person.”

Gaylynn B. 2014

“What impressed me the most was the prompt response to either a phone call or a question I had. Thank you very much. I will recommend this Firm always.”

Mike M.