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With 35 years of experience in our fields, we have the expertise to aggressively represent you when you have been hurt by an unlawful termination or demotion at work, or when you’ve been seriously injured in a crash or at work, or when you need help in getting disability benefits.

Our lawyers are expert in their areas– including discharge and discrimination work, auto, truck or motorcycle crashes, workers’ compensation cases and social security disability cases. We have been focused on helping employees and those injured or disabled for decades now and we have recovered millions for our clients.

When you call our firm, you will talk directly with one of our attorneys. We talk with you by phone first and where you may have a case we can help with, we sit down with you to more fully evaluate your potential claim. We do not charge you for the phone consultation and we generally do not charge for the initial in-person consultation unless we are performing a specific service (such as reviewing a severance proposal or a non-compete agreement) where litigation is not contemplated.

The law does not always provide a remedy for everyone who has been unfairly treated at work or who has been injured, but, if that is the case for you, we will explain the reasons for this to you directly. If we accept your case, we move forward with skill and determination. Our goal is always to provide you with the best result possible. And once we accept your case, there is no fee at all unless and until we win and recover for you.

We are absolutely dedicated to the protection of our clients’ rights and we fight to protect and enforce those rights every single day.


Truth and Justice Mean Something Here.

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Lives are changed in an instant when serious crashes injure you or a family member. Lots of attorneys say they represent those devastated by crashes, but we have a proven record of results with millions recovered.

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What we do for work is a big part of who we are— when employers unlawfully discriminate because of color, race or ethnicity or because of age or gender or because of a disability or pregnancy– the law can step in to help. But this area of the law is highly complex with many different laws and lots of loopholes and the law does not provide a remedy for every employment decision that is unfair. We will explore whether you may have a case in an initial telephone consultation.

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If you’ve been fired, demoted, suspended or had your job duties removed or your pay reduced because you challenged unlawful or discriminatory actions on the part of your employer, you may have been retaliated against unlawfully. If you participated in an investigation by the EEOC or the Department of Civil Rights on behalf of yourself or others, and the employer took adverse action against you afterwards, you may have been retaliated against unlawfully. In these cases, the law can step in to help.

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Sometimes we get sick and need extended time off of work to get better or, we might need time off once in a while for medical treatment if we have a serious health condition. Sometimes our children or spouses need us to care for them when they are seriously ill. Under certain of these circumstances, the law will protect your job and prevent your employer from firing you or penalizing you for needing protected time away from work. This law is called the Family and Medical Leave Act and, under certain circumstances, it protects eligible employees from job loss.

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When Police don’t follow the rules, when they don’t treat everyone equally or use excessive and unnecessary force, they break the trust we put in them.

Certainly, on the whole, there are incredible officers out there, but, as in any industry, there are also those who break the rules, who give other officers a bad name, and who make our community more dangerous, not safer. We help folks who have been hurt by those officers who abuse the authority they have and who don’t follow the rules that the law lays down for them.

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Sexual harassment still invades our workplace and traumatizes both women and men who are victimized by it. It has to stop but the only way that can happen is if we fight back. It is always a good idea to report the harassment and sometimes the law requires you to report the harassment.

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If you’ve been hurt at work you have rights under our workers’ disability compensation law and we are here to help explain those rights. But workers’ compensation is its own specialized area,  and our firm’s Ed Gallagher has been winning workers’ compensation cases for our clients for more than 30 years now.

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  • Social Security & Disability
  • Whistleblowers’ Protection
  • Serious Injury
  • Civil Rights
  • Discrimination Title IX-Sex Discrimination
  • Wrongful Discharge
  • Dog Attacks
  • FLSA
  • Excessive Force/False Imprisonment

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    We believe in truth and justice.
    Gaylynn, 2014

    “You were brilliant! You were always prepared and thorough. During the depositions, you were prepared, thorough, organized, professional, tough­-minded, very direct and appropriately intimidating. It was impressive. During the pre-conference settlement hearing…I was very impressed with how you took charge of the proceedings and quickly moved the other side to a reasonable conclusion. You… kept me well­-informed about the progress of my case. I also felt that you cared about me as not just a client, but as a person.”