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Lives are changed in an instant when serious crashes injure you or a family member. Lots of attorneys say they represent those devastated by crashes, but we have a proven record of results with millions recovered.

We begin with an in-depth interview (this is always free). Once we accept your case, we find the cars involved and we examine those cars and the scene. We scour the site for witnesses not named in the police report and we gather information both by
examining the data from the “black boxes” in the involved cars when necessary and by pulling together the records from all the responding agencies and tracking your medical care.

When trucks are involved we get records that show whether the trucking company took the time to train their drivers correctly and monitor their safety records. We get to know you and your family so that we can explain, in a meaningful way, how these devastating injuries have changed your life and the lives of your family members.

Does this mean that you only hear the good news while we are working with you? No. We partner with our clients– so if there are concerns within the case, we let you know and explain how we will conquer those concerns. rest assured we work to maximize your recovery in every case.

But CONTACT US NOW, because there are time limits in the law that will prevent you from recovering unless you take action within those limits. The call is free and there is no fee at all unless we win for you.


Cliff, 2014

“What was most helpful to me was your straightforward approach to my case. I knew right where I stood at all times. The case was not taken without some investigation on your part and that, made me comfortable. I did not think, I had called ‘Sam.’ With your advice, I felt I was able to make decisions with the best interest for me and my family. I think of you often and I am so thankful that I was able to work with you.”

Ryan, 2014

“[Debra Freid’s] professionalism was truly impressive and made the defendants’ attorneys look like newbies. [Ms. Freid’s staff] also took the time to explain the process… Thank you again!”

Gaylynn, 2014

“You were brilliant! You were always prepared and thorough. During the depositions, you were prepared, thorough, organized, professional, tough­-minded, very direct and appropriately intimidating. It was impressive. During the pre-conference settlement hearing…I was very impressed with how you took charge of the proceedings and quickly moved the other side to a reasonable conclusion. You… kept me well­-informed about the progress of my case. I also felt that you cared about me as not just a client, but as a person.”


“What impressed me the most was the prompt response to either a phone call or a question I had. Thank you very much. I will recommend this Firm always.”


Attorney Freid is a lawyer who will truly go to battle for you and will fight to the end to get the justice you deserve. There were moments when my case looked like we were going to lose but Attorney Freid didn’t quit and we ended up winning the case. Sometimes in the the collection stage of the awarded judgement a client can feel left out of the loop and not know what’s going on but be be assured that she is 100% committed to your case and to her client.


Debra was amazing. She always took the time to listen no matter what. If I had a surgery she always called me to see if I was ok and if I needed anything


We will be in touch soon to answer any questions and set up your free consultation. For immediate questions, call 989.754.0411.