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What we do for work is a big part of who we are— when employers unlawfully discriminate because of color, race or ethnicity or because of age or gender or because of a disability or pregnancy– the law can step in to help. But this area of the law is highly complex with many different laws and lots of loopholes and the law does not provide a remedy for every employment decision that is unfair. We will explore whether you may have a case in an initial telephone consultation.

If you have a possible case, we will meet with you to more fully explore what rights and protections you have. Michigan is an at-will state so we have to evaluate whether there is enough evidence of the discrimination to succeed and each case is different.

But don’t wait to call– CONTACT US NOW, because there are time limits in the law that will prevent you from protecting your rights unless you take action within those limits. Also, you may have to file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or another agency to protect all your rights so you will need to call as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.

If you are a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE, you must file internally with your EEO office, within 45 days. Additionally, your employer may have tried to limit the period of time you have for filing under the law even further and so you will need to look at your handbook or other employment agreements, like an arbitration agreement, to be sure it is not too late and that you comply with other conditions. For all these reasons, contact us now so you don’t lose the protection you deserve. The call is free and there is no fee at all unless we win for you.


David, 2014

“I was extremely happy with the knowledge and persistence you showed while dealing with a very tough adversary. (My former employer) is a determined opponent with unlimited resources to pursue their agenda…. Finding you, Debra, to try my case was a blessing. Your legal acumen, while maintaining a calm disposition but with a pit bull-like determination, was a joy to be part of. You were always available to answer my questions and never made me feel that my case was secondary to any of your other workload.”

Patrick, 2007

“Counselor Freid—I just realized that I never officially thanked you for all the work you did to help me put the case with my employer behind me. I have no more worries about the place anymore and it is wonderful. Thank you once again and I plan to let people who need legal assistance know about your firm.”

Ryan, 2014

“[Debra Freid’s] professionalism was truly impressive and made the defendants’ attorneys look like newbies. [Ms. Freid’s staff] also took the time to explain the process… Thank you again!”


“What impressed me the most was the prompt response to either a phone call or a question I had. Thank you very much. I will recommend this Firm always.”


Ms. Freid handled my case against a large retail chain with superb skill and efficiency. She kept me in the loop and was responsive to me at all times. Her personal care, sense of humor and skill made the process painless and worry-free. The settlement I received was as much as we could have expected, given all the factors of my injury. I highly recommend Ms. Freid.


Attorney Freid is a lawyer who will truly go to battle for you and will fight to the end to get the justice you deserve. There were moments when my case looked like we were going to lose but Attorney Freid didn’t quit and we ended up winning the case. Sometimes in the the collection stage of the awarded judgement a client can feel left out of the loop and not know what’s going on but be be assured that she is 100% committed to your case and to her client.


Debra was amazing. She always took the time to listen no matter what. If I had a surgery she always called me to see if I was ok and if I needed anything


We will be in touch soon to answer any questions and set up your free consultation. For immediate questions, call 989.754.0411.